Yunnan Provincial Museum will resume opening on 31st March

Yunnan Provincial Museum will resume opening since 31st March, if you want to visit Yunnan Provincial Museum what else preparation do you need? All the information you need to know is down below.


Opening Time

Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 am-17:00 pm (Closed on Monday, except public holiday)

Service Time

Admission starts at 9:00 am, 9: 00-9: 10 for the opening preparation time, 9:10 officially provides services to the audience and can enter the exhibition hall to visit, stop entry at 16:30 pm, clear the venue at 16:45 17:00pm officially closed.


Important information

1.Currently, only individuals visitor are allowed to visit the museum. Visitor can visit the museum directly or make an online reservation in advance.

2. Yunnan Provincial Museum only allow 2000 visitors to visit a day, 9:00-12:00 allow 800 visitors and 12:00-16:30 allow 1200 visitors.

3.Visitors are required to wear the masks, please keep a distance of more than 1 meter when queuing and viewing, to avoid gathering; please take the initiative to scan the "Yunnan Anti-epidemic Entry and Exit Code" before entering the museum, and take a temperature measurement. Spectators who are anomalous (Body temperature exceeds 37.3℃) will refuse to enter the museum during the COVID-19 epidemic period.

4.During the epidemic prevention and control, it is recommended that the audience visit time be controlled within 2 hours, so as not to cause the gathering of personnel in the closed place. When encountering a high density of people in the museum, staffs will take measures to control the speed of admission. In case of emergencies, please contact and cooperate with the staff to deal with it.

5.In the COVID-19 epidemic period, guided tours from museum staffs service are suspended. Visitors can use Multi-media Guides such as Smart Guide (mobile apps are free until June 30) or rent a audio guide. 

6.During the opening period, due to the construction impact of the Yunnan Provincial Museum, the south and north gates were temporarily closed, and the east and west gates were normally opened.

7.The team visits and social education activities are temporarily suspended. Visitors are kindly requested to minimize touch electronic interactive equipment and objects (some equipment will be closed for use).

8.Souvenirs shop and coffee shop will normally open, but only supports mobile online payment.

9.If you have any questions please call 0871-67286223.


How to make an online reservation in advance?

1. Visitors can make an online reservation through the WeChat public account of the Yunnan Provincial Museum in advance, please fill in the real ID number or Passport number when making an appointment. (Reservation can be ordered 8 days in advance).

2. Each ID card is limited once a day. Be sure to take a screenshot to save the reservation success page (you can also go to Personal → My Appointment View through WeChat Appointment Interface) as a ticket for admission.



Article source: Yunnan Provincial Museum