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Transportation to Yunnan



According to the statistics offered by Kunming Airport Operation Control Center, up tonow, there are 301 airlines subordinate to Yunnan Airport Group CO., LTD, among which are 258 domestic routes, 43 international or regional routes. To be specific, there are 16feeder services in the province, 10 feeder ring fly routes; 12 direct feeder services to airports outside the province, 21 feeder services, stopping at Kunming, to airports outside the province; 66 main routes outside the province, 92 main ring fly routes, 4 temporary air routes; as for international routes, there are 26 southeast Asia routes, 7 south Asia routes, 2 west Asia routes (1 temporary routes), 4 east Asia routes, 4 regional routes.

Kunming Changshui International Airport has more than 190 air routes by now, among which are 12 international routes (Singapore, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Rangoon, Angkor, Kuala Iumpur, Calcutta, Maldives, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, Dacca, Osaka), 2 regional routes (Hong Kong, Macao). So far, more than 30 domestic and overseas cargo airlines have entered and been stationed in Kunming, among which are more than 10 domestic airlines such as Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines; more than 20international airlines including Singapore Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Thai Airways, Japan Air System, The United Arab Emirates United Airlines.

At present, more than 30 airlines home and abroad have opened flights to Yunnan. China Eastern Yunnan Airlines is the airline base for Kunming Airport and mainland. China Southern Airlines and Air China have formed a flight wave in Kunming Airport, depending respectively on their powerful airline network of their hub bases in Guangzhou and Beijing. Air China and China Southern Airlines also set up direct routes to cities within Yunnan Province or ring fly routes, with a substantially year-on-year increase in density off lights. Hainan Airlines extend its reach into Yunnan feeder service market by establishing Lucky Air (based in Dali), and take Dali as a base to set up domestic airlines. China Southern Airlines, Air China, Sichuan Airlines respectively take Kunming Airport as their base abroad, park their planes at night, and then fly their planes away the next day. Spring Airlines improves its service and depends on the advantage.