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Whip Dance of Bai Nationality

The Whip Dance is the most representative and the most widely popular among the 74 folk dances of Bai Nationality, which not only exists in the three kinds of folk customs of Bai Nationality, but also in celebrating for house completion, wedding or other happy events. The Whip Dance is saturated with the history changes, religious activities, customs and cultural entertainment of Bai Nationality, featured by humor, primitive simplicity, elegance, and being energetic, happy, which reflects the brave, simple, kind-hearted, unity and enterprising spirit of Bai people.

The Whip Dance is filled with festive and joyous atmosphere. And the Whip is a hollow bamboo or flat bamboo with four or five holes, each hole is about 10 cm long and each with two rings of copper cash in it, and each ring has two or three pieces of copper cash. It is a shaking musical instrument, making sound through being hit on ends by the dancer's body, knees or elbows.