Letter to Inbound Travelers Entering Yunnan Directly or via Other Chinese Cities

Dear travelers,

Welcome to Yunnan!


To contain the COVID-19 epidemic, all the travelers entering Yunnan shall follow the prevention measures in accordance with the Announcement No. 12 issued by the Command of Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and People’s Government of Yunnan Province. For the health and safety of you, your family and others, please understand and cooperate with us in observing the prevention measures in this special period.


1. The prevention measures shall be equally applied to Chinese and foreign nationals. All the travelers’ religion and custom shall be respected.


2. People with travel history to the severely affected countries and regions in the last 14 days shall be placed under a minimum 14-day medical observation and receive relevant test. Those who test nucleic acid positive or display such symptoms as fever orcough shall be immediately transferred to designated medical institutions. Those who have tested nucleic acid negative twice after at least 14 days of medical observation shall be free to go back to their residence.


3. Travelers entering Yunnan from other countries and regions shall undergo temperature testing and medical inspection. Those who have such symptoms as fever or cough shall be required to stay for medical observation.


4. During the medical observation period,you are free to use telecommunication devices for contact or information, and the food and accommodation costs shall be borne by you. There will be staff taking care of your needs. If you develop such symptoms as fever or cough, please report to the staff right away.


5. Please follow the guidance of staff at the airport. Travelers whose behavior causes spread of the epidemic and disrupts public security, including refusing tocooperate, or intentionally concealing contact and travel history, and health conditions, will be held legally liable.


We kindly ask for your understanding for any inconvenience caused by the prevention measures. We appreciate your support and cooperation. Wish you good health and happy life!


Foreign Affairs Office of the

People’s Government of Yunnan Province


March 16, 2020


Article recourse:Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Yunnan Province