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Bailongtan·Baihuaxi Valley Scenic Spot

Introduction of Bailongtan Baihuaxi Valley       

Baihuaxi Valley Scenic Spot is located in Nanhu, Lujiangba, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province. Nanhu is a Dai village, where the Dai total population accounts for 90% or more, with rich Dai style atmosphere. In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, there are also a wide variety of tropical crops, the cultural heritage behind them and the hospitable Dai people.

The name of Nanhu comes from the pool at the edge of the village. "Nan" means water in the Dai Language, "Hu" means the beauty of paradise. In the middle of the bamboo forest, appeared a pool of crystal clear water, that is Bailongtan Baihuaxi Valley.

Baihuaxi Valley is a good place to live and travel, with unique all-for-one tourism resources. It has the all-for-one ecological beauty, all-for-one hot spring resources, all-for-one colorful culture, all-for-one land of plenty, and all-season tourism climate. There is plenty of sunshine here, no frost all year round, green woods at the four seasons, fragrant flowers and fruits, and the pastoral farmlands and hillsides next to the village are planted with tropical crops such as coffee, longan, mango, banana, chili, oriental tobacco, sugar cane, etc. There are also big trees inside the village and hot springs underground.

Local Dai customs are well preserved. Folk events like Ganbai, water-sprinkling, offering to Buddha, dance performances are held at each Water-Sprinkling Festival, Kapok Flower Festival, and Coffee Tourism Festival. With the promotion of ethnic culture protection, inheritance and rural tourism in the village, the tourism income in the village has increased year by year, and rural tourism has become the main channel for villagers' income.

Introduction of Scenic Tourism Products        

Sun Valley Coffee

Sun Valley Coffee is a boutique coffee brand in Baihuaxi Valley. The coffee planting base is Arabica–Caturra Coffee, which is planted in the finest standardized organic farmland, located in the organic farmland of Xinzhai Village in the dry-hot river valley. With an annual sunshine of 2,751 hours, and at an altitude of 1,600 – 1,700 meters, the Coffee Cuig hits 88 points.

Sun Valley Coffee has three major product lines, namely, fine coffee beans, filter coffee, and drip bag coffee. With clear and multi-levelled taste, it has various flavors like cream, apple, chocolate and brown sugar.

Nanhu Grilled Fish

Nanhu grilled fish is an original ecological dish passed down for centuries by the local Dai villagers. Fishes are from the groundwater of Bailongtan, silky, sweet and delicious. Lemongrass along with wild pepper, home-made chili, onion, ginger, garlic, vegetable oils, and Nanhu special dressing are put into the belly of the fish. Then the special dressing is applied on the surface of the fish. Then the fish is grilled.

Nanhu grilled fish has become the most famous dishes in Baihuaxi Valley, tourists from different places come to taste the delicious Nanhu grilled fish.

Zhengye Pot Tea

 Zhengye Pot Tea is a cultural creative tourism product in Baihuaxi Valley Scenic Spot, which has strong collection value. The Deang people are the "tea" people. The tea is harvested from the 800- year- old ancient tea tree of ​​the Deang people at Lujiangba. Through the traditional processes of fine picking, rough filtration, fine filtration and dry baking, the tea is all made by hand. Adopting the South Silk Road caravan culture, using the pentatonic scale in ancient China to respond the four seasons and the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth), the tea is stored in earthenware pot with the idea of Chinese medicine to create a pot of fine tea.

Introduction of Attractions in the Scenic Spot

Huachao Avenue

Huachao Avenue is at the entrance of Baihuxi Valley Scenic Spot. It is planted bauhinia flower, sunflowers, morning glory, Euphorbia milii, Viola cornuta. The avenue adopts garden art, builds a flowers trail which is consisted of five flower gates, representing acquaintanceship, mutual understanding, falling in love, mutual affection, and companionship. Walking on the avenue, there are shades of green leaves and flowers, vines at your feet, and fragrance in the air. It is also an outdoor wedding photography base for the people in Baoshan. The name Huachao is a good wish hoping that happiness and romance be delivered via the traditional culture.

White Elephant Palace

Baiyue ethnic group, the ancestors of the Dai people, had an indissoluble bond with the elephant in ancient times. Dai land is like