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Xinping: China's Homeland of the Huayaodai, Exotically Fascinating Charm Is Waiting for You

Xinping County, located in Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, is the homeland of Huayaodai of China. It was the settlement of the Pu people in the three active ethnic groups in the south including Qiang, Pu and Yue as early as three or four thousand years ago. The Dai, Yi, Hani, Lahu, Han and Hui people, living in Xinping for generations live adjacently and build the original national culture here.

Thanks to the location of Huayaodai in remote Red River Valley, the closed environment has completely preserved original Dai culture of the Dai ancestors including primitive nature worship, witchcraft, tattoo, sacrifice, dyeing, costume, etc. Xinping in the Red River Basin deserves the top and best choice for appreciating authentic Huayaodai charm. The clothes of Huayaodai women are gorgeous, dazzling, beautiful, nice and graceful. They wear Collybia albuminosa mushroom-like bamboo hat, hanged various silver decorations on chests, not only becoming shiny but also sounding with a crisp ding-dong voice while walking. Their tube skirts are divided into layers, the outer the layer is, the higher the layer will be, and the layers are overlapped in this way, making them look more enchanting. The girls here will  bundle a five-color belt, consequently receiving the title with "Huayaodai "

The Flower Street Day, extending from the third to the fifth day of the first month of lunar calendar, is the most romantic festival in the village of Huayaodai, and it is also the most anticipated day for young men and women from Huayaodai villages. As all the young men and women will put on wonderful clothes for festival, date and come to the flower street to find their mates of their lives on that day. Therefore, the flower street festival, in traditional sense, is the day on which young men and women date, sing love songs to each other and build romantic relations, and it is known as "Oriental Valentine's Day".