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Dance with Cigarette Cases (Yanhe Dance) Culture Festival of Yi people in Yangwu

Yangwu Town is always known as the “Home of Dance with Cigarette Cases (Yanhe Dance)”. Nowadays, it has become an important business card for visitors from all over the world to understand the folk customs of Yangwu.

The Dance with Cigarette Cases in Yangwu Town is a traditional dance popular among the Yi people. It is named after the performing form, the dancers' hands and fingers tapping at the bottom and cover of the cigarette cases while signing and dancing. As a rhythmic dance, the performing forms of the dance are flexible and diverse, matching the cheerful dance and vivid facial expression of the Yi men and women, who usually dance on the festival, wedding, building of new house and slack season. This lively and dynamic dance shows the good wishs of the Yi fellows in Yiwu Region to a certain extent.

In Yangwu, on the occasion of the festivals or the weddings, building of new house, the Yi compatriots will spontaneously play the dance with cigarette cases to express the joy in their hearts.