Yearly Special Feast of Yunnan

Yunnan has always been well known for its ethnic customs and beautiful scenery. However, Yunnan's food is also rather attractive, such as Cross-the-Bridge Rice Noodles, Steaming-Pot Chicken, Dazzling Insect Dishes, etc., and a special feast will be held in Yunnan when the Spring Festival comes. If you are a native, you must have enjoyed the feast that is available only to people in Yunnan, which is the Shazhufan (a feast with pork dishes after a pig is butchered) in Yunnan, also known as "slaughtering of pig for celebrating the Spring Festival ".

You may have murderous feeling when you firstly hear the name of the feast, but it is full of native flavor. And it also implies a kind of simple feeling of hospitality. Every family slaughters a pig in the twelfth lunar month, and invites the neighbors, relatives and friends to have a pork feast, the friends and family will gather together to enjoy the harvest and celebrate the harvest of the year. The feast reflects warm and hospitable personalities of the people of Yunnan.

The pig slaughtering is an indispensable custom in various regions of Yunnan for celebrating the coming of New Year. Normally the event is held in winter and before the New Year when the weather gets cold. And it is also the most festive season before the Spring Festival.

It is the most joyful duration for a family to hold the feast, some foods will be prepared a few days in advance after a good day is chosen, it will be a busy day early in the morning to kill the pig, and neighbors are asked to help catching the fatty pig fed by the host for the New Year.

When the pig is killed and shaved, the pork will be taken home, the people at home will be busy with washing vegetables, bushing pot, cutting meat, and cooking meals, and everything are carried out in an orderly manner.


When the pig fed by some households is fatty enough, and it is not believed to be eaten up, a temporary pork booth will be placed at the door of the host's home, and normally the pork will be sold to the folks in the village at a price lower than the market price.

The feast starts at about 5-6 o'clock in the early evening, and the invited relatives and friends will gather at the home of the host to enjoy the hearty meal, rendering the old taste inherited for thousands of years.

The feast is the home-made food processed by the host, it is not so elaborate as the masterpiece of the chef, but each dish is full of the joy of the host family, with an intense favor of nostalgia, the pig is fed with native forage and green fodder, in this way the pork tastes fatty but not greasy, and the meat texture is full of elasticity, healthy and nutrition.


At the beginning of the feast, every dish provided on the table is made of pork, such as the stirred-fried meat, pork fried with pickled, pork chop soup, plain boiled pork, etc. The feast in each region is unique, although it is simple, such dishes are plain and home-cooked food, and they contain an intense taste of homeland.



The pork feast of Yunnan people not only contains various and delicious dishes. The host is also hospitable. They will add the dishes and rice while noticing the bowl of the guest is empty, and they will also present the drinks and cigarettes.

The host will also gift a piece of fresh pork when the guest says goodbye after the meal, so as to express the hope of good luck to the guest.