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Comprehend Moments amid Mellow Pu'er Tea

The origin of Pu'er Tea can be traced back to the old times in Ning'er, and the source of Pu'er Tea culture also originates from Ning'er.

 Pu'er Tea was named after ancient Pu'er Mansion. It was passed down to the world and became globally popular via the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. With long history and culture, Pu'er Tea has been bred, multiplied and grown her for thousands of years; therefore, the root of Pu'er Tea is in Ning'er, the source of Pu'er Tea is in Ning'er, and the essence of Pu'er Tea also lie in Ning'er.



Ning'er is the main place of origin and distributing centre of Pu'er Tea, being the base source of ancient Pu'er Mansion and the source of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. For thousands of years, the hard-working and wise ancestors have explored unique Pu'er Tea processing technology and created well-known historical brand of “Pu'er Tea”.



Starting from Ning’er, the five Ancient Tea-Horse Roads lead to the entire China and to the world are closely connected with the world. The Tea-Horse Road Trade is not only for commodity trading but also for cultural exchange, leaving the masses with a memory, and indomitable spirit of ancestors in Ning'er.


In 2010, the first China Pu'er Ancient Ancient Tea-Horse Road Festival was held at the starting point of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. It came from city of ancient Pu'er Mansion with historically deposited profoundness and showed its unique cultural connotation in the time and space of the festival.

The craftsmanship and process of Pu'er tribute tea displayed by the royal tribute tea inheritors during the festival attracted numerous guests and audiences to see how the tea the emperor once drunk was made.