“Colourful Yunnan·Gathering in Taiwan”ushers in Taiwan during the Spring Festival 2018

The cultural event “Colourful Yunnan·Gathering in Taiwan” will be held at the Buddha Memorial Hall in Foguang Hill in Taiwan from February 10 to March 18.

The theme of this event is to promote Chinese culture and to celebrate Spring Festival. It will be featuring intangible cultural heritage exhibitions on Yunnan ethnic minority costumes, Yunnan ethnic culture and theatrical performances, Yunnan Tea networking activities and Lijiang tourism promotion. 


(Naxi People from Lijiang)

In the intangible cultural heritage exhibition sector, 213 sets and 572 costumes of the 25 ethnic minority groups in Yunnan will be selected on show by Yunnan National Museum. Chen Sicai, the inheritor of the Lijiang Dongba Culture Institute, Liao Ligeng, a master of Yunnan embroidery, Wu Zhiming, the inheritor of the Hani culture, Chen Xialing, an expert at Hani traditional embroidery skills and other art masters will be presenting the traditional skills and rich ethnic art cultures in Yunnan via multiple art forms.


(Naxi Dongba Paiting)

During this event, tea lovers and experts will also be invited to communicate on issues such as Chinese traditional culture, modern life style that are related to tea culture.


Yunnan Ethnic Minority Costume Exhibition

Venue: the Buddha Memorial Hall

Date: February 10 – March 18, 2018


(Old Town of Lijiang)


Yunnan Ethnic Cultural Performances

Venue: the Buddha Memorial Hall

Date: February 16 – March 2, 2018


(Heilongtan Park in Lijiang)


Yunnan Tea Networking

Venue: Shuangge Building, the Buddha Memorial Hall

Date: February 16 – 28, 2018


Lijiang Tourism Promotion

Venue: the Buddha Memorial Hall

Date: February 28, 2018


(Old Town of Lijiang)

(Source: Yunnan.cn)