Lemongrass Grilled Fish

Lemongrass grilled fish is the signature dish of Dai people and it is also very common in Xishuangbanna and Vietnam. It has two features: it has the delicate fragrance of bamboo and a pleasant smell of lemongrass. The highlight of the dish is the Dai's special jam: Tomato Nanmi. Tomato Nanmi is indeed a sort of jam made of tomato. When preparing the food, tomato is grilled on fire and peeled later. The peeled tomato is mashed and mixed with shallot, garlic, hot chili, cilantro and salt etc.

Cooking method:
Remove the scale of fish, scratch it with knife fish give a piggyback, remove the intestines belly incidental; Cut the spring onions, ginger, garlic, green hot pepper, coriander thinly, is mix and comb them with the salt; put the condiments into fish Belly, close up the fish Belly, tie well with the leaf of two or three fragrant cogon grasses, clamp with the bamboo slice, put on the live charcoal and toast. When 80% grilled, spread the lard, continue toasting for about 5 minutes, then you can eat. This kind of grilled fish has fragrant, crisp, fragile characteristics, can promote the appetite very much. It tastes extremely brittle and yummy.