Special Milk in Dali, Yunnan

Milk Fan is actually cheese, it's named by its shape as other stuffs do in China; milk Fan is a kind of typical Bai food in Dali; on wedding banquets, Buddhist ceremonies and other important occasions, it is a must-serve dish; and normally, it's served with sugar.

Dali is a place of humid climate, abundant rainfall, and vast grassland. It is a good place to develop breeding industry; almost every family has dairy cattle. Therefore, the abundant source of milk provides ample materials for producing dairy products.

Milk fan is made of local milk. Its making method is as follows: firstly, heat the "sour water"; secondly, ladle fresh milk in, and shake slightly into floc; thirdly, spread it into flakes with bamboo chopsticks and roll them on bamboo frames for air-drying.

Apart from its special flavor, the milk fan is rich in nutrients, including protein, amino acid, and so on. It is also a choice product with functions of regulating vital energy and blood, calming the nerves, invigorating stomach, and building up health.

The cooking methods of milk fans are diversified, you can fry, steam, bake, scald, braise, fry, boil or sauté.
The second course of Three Course-Tea Sweet Tea- is made of milk fan as well. During the making process, some boiled water is needed to dilute the bitter tea. What are furtheradded into the tea are walnut kernels, baked Milk Fan (A kind of dairy product made from goat milk in Dali Area) and brown sugar. This course of tea could be "chewed" and it tastes sweet, fragrant and has nourishing efficacy.

Every tourist who visits Dali, either foreign or domestic, will feel happy to have a taste ofthe milk fan.