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Xingmeng Mongolian village

The first impression when you set foot on this village is a cavalry statue with Chinese and Mongolian introduction. 


Though far away from Mongolian area, Yunnan is a place where one can surprisingly find Mongolian communities. Some 750 years ago, the cavalries led by Kublai Khan conquered Dali Kingdom and continue northward expedition against the South Song Dynasty (1127-1279). Some Soldiers settled down as inhabitants in Tonghai County of Yuxi Municipality 130 km from Kunming.


Xingmeng is one of the Mongolian villages in Tonghai. And most Mongolians of Yunnan Province are living there. Among the 5,500 residents of Xingmeng, 5,400 are Mongolians therefore Tonghai is the biggest Mongolian community in Yunnan Province. 


Xingmeng Mongolians make a living by farming rather than animal husbandry; but they wear traditional Mongolian costumes and spend traditional Mongolian festivals including Nadamu Festival, Luban Day and others. Behind the village is a holy place the Sansheng temple to enshrine Kublai Khan and Genghis Khan.