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Dabinglangyuan, a village of Flowery Dai

Composed of 60 families with a total population of about 300, Dabinglangyuan village is located in Jisa Town (Xinping County) which is the hometown of the Flowery Dai in central Yunnan. 


Different from the Dai bamboo houses in Xishuangbanna in the south of Yunnan, most of the residences in Dabinglangyuan are earthen houses, similar to those of the Yi people in Chengzi of Luxi County. 


Each year, the Flowery Dai hold several sacrificial ceremonies (presided over by “Wo Se”, the priests) for deities of mountains, plants, and water etc. They have kept traditional ways for making black sugar from sugarcanes by milling. Bamboo wares made in this village also enjoy a big popularity.