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Xiagei Tibetan village

Xiagei Tibetan Village is part of Hongpo Community which is 15 kilometers from Dukezong Old Town of Shangri-la County. It’s the first stop of the Shangri-la Cultural Corridor as well as the must-pass place on the way to the White Terrace (Baishuitai) and Pudacuo National Park. Thanks to its convenient traffic conditions and intoxicating natural sceneries, it’s vividly dubbed as the No. 1 Village of Shangri-la.


The village is made up of more than 20 Tibetan families whose houses are all well preserved in authentic Tibetan style. Shudugang River winds its way through the village encircled by the forests nearby thus giving birth to picturesque views. Setting foot on Xiagei Village, one can find here and there Marni Stones, Stupas, Sutra Flags, Dorji (Heavenly Guardians) Columns and Praying Wheels etc, all of which are endowed with the mysterious Tibetan cultural connotations.