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Yuehu, a Sani ethnic village

Yuehu Village is about 10 kilometers to the northeast of the Stone Forest Park. It is a typical village of the Sani People, a branch of the Yi minority, and named after a crescent-like lake: Yuehu Lake. The picturesque Yuehu Lake is known for its limpid water and the lime stones in it that look like countless isles and grazing herds. By the lake, one can feast his or her eyes on the green meadows.


Yuehu villagers spend assorted festivals with ethnic characteristics of the Sani People who mainly believe in primitive religions. Most of their celebrations and ceremonies are bound with nature. As the grandest festival of the Sanis, Mizhi Festival spent in lunar November is deemed the “Men’s Day” that lasts one week. During Mizhi Festival, Men from Yuehu Village are led by their Bimo (priest or exorcist) to the sacred Mizhi Forest for offering sacrifices to the sacred “Dragon Tree” and praying for bumper harvests and shelter from “Mizhi God” (Dragon) which is a nature black frog-like stone.  


Yuehu villagers are good at singing and dancing. “Ba Wang Bian” (Conqueror’s Whip) and “Da San Xian” (Big Three-stringed Guitar), both of which are the classic ethnic dances of the Sani People and enjoy a broad popularity, are managed well from time to time by the villagers. Most of the musical instruments are hand-made by villagers themselves such as the Three-stringed Guitars, bamboo flutes, harps and fiddles etc. Songs and dances are also composed or directed by themselves.


The Sani people, hospitable and enthusiastic, would serve you their household delicacies such as “pork soup with pseudo-ginseng”, "highland buckwheat cake with honey” and rice wine etc.


Additionally, the versatile Sani boys (nicknamed “A Hei”) and pretty Sani girls (nicknamed “A Shi Ma”) are another “sight” the tranquil Yuehu Lake presents to visitors.


Add: 10 km northeast from the Stone Forest