Mountains in Yunnan


Some of the important mountains in Yunnan, such as the Jiaozi Mountain, the Five Lotus Mountain, Wumeng Mountain, Liangwang Mountain, Wang Mountain, Niushou Mountain,Liuyun Mountain are located in the eastern part. They are all on the plateau, roughly trending towards northeast and southwest; in the west are some tall and narrow mountains such as the Gaoligong Mountain, Nu Mountains, Yunling Mountains; the north part is covered with high mountains and thick forests, and in the south are the remanent part of the Hengduan Mountains, Ailao Mountains and Wuliang Mountains of Yunling Mountains, Daxue Mountains and Bangma Mountains of Nu Mountains, the western branch of Gaoligong Mountain, Binglang Mountain.

There are 30 major mountains with an elevation of more than 2,500 meters in the province. The most splendid view is the Kawagebo Peak, the highest in Yunnan Province, rising about 6,740 meters. It is still a 'virgin peak' for no one has ever reached the top. 

With its high mountains, deep valleys and rivers running from north to south, Yunnan has its unique plateau landforms. The mountains rear the people of Yunnan, and the people of Yunnan endow the spirit and life to the mountains.