Weather of Yunnan

Yunnan, a province of low latitude and high altitude, under the influence of dry continental monsoon in the winter and humid ocean monsoon in the summer, has very assorted climate types. The province's seven types of climate zones are northern tropical, subtropical, subtropical and northern subtropical, temperate, temperate and highland climate zones. 

Yunnan’s climate is characterized by small seasonal change in temperature, great difference in daytime temperature and regional contrast between dry and wet seasons. The regional differences in climate change are very clear and vertical. The features of Yunnan Climate are connected to the low latitude climate, monsoon climate, and mountain plateau climate.

As is located in low latitude plateau, the air is dry and relatively thin. The amount of the heat of the sun is not only connected by the changes with solar altitude angle and subtractions, but also by the impact of clouds and rain.

Visitors are advised to always carry changes of clothing due to the large variations in temperature between day and night. The climate is relatively dry, so drinking more water, protecting oneself from strong UV radiation at high altitude, and protecting oneself from altitude sickness are all recommended. To lessen the effects of altitude sickness, avoids tenuous exercise and have plenty of rest.